Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Hounds

We begin each holiday season with the annual "Lighting of the Christmas Hound." Gus looks slightly annoyed because we interrupted him while he was chewing up the extra lights.

Molly the Bluetick, age 14 1/2, is our oldest hound. Therefore, she had the distinction of being the only hound not to be kenneled while we opened presents on Christmas morning. She thanked us by peeing on the carpet right in front of the tree before we opened the first gift!

Amanda, Alyssa and I posed without the hounds in front of the tree. I can't imagine why we got the photo on the first try.

About 20 takes later, we ended up with this shot including the three hounds.

Molly relaxing on the new dog bed on Christmas Eve. She and Dimond Willow ate the old one the night before.

Three peaceful hounds. This lasted for approximately 3.5 minutes. Then it erupted into a Wrestle-Mania event.

And finally, a relative thinks he can hold back a bloodhound. It never works!

Christmas in Fairbanks, Alaska with the hounds. Always entertaining!