Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dog Walking 101

Humans have a lot to learn about dog walking. Especially walking three hounds named Molly, Dimond Willow and Gus.

Dog Walking 101 tips for humans
compiled by The Three SoundHoundz:

1. let the dogs lead
2. let the dogs wrestle
3. do not get in the dog's way
4. leashes are for tug-o-war, not leading
5. let us bay as loud as we wish
6. run
7. run faster
8. hurry up
9. if you fall, roll out of our way
10. provide adequate couch space once we're back home

And good luck getting out of the driveway.
Our best wishes to all you dogs for a good walk with your humans!

Molly, Dimond Willow and Gus
The SoundHoundz of Alaska


Ina in Alaska said...

Great pictures and entertaining post! Have a great week!! We are in the freeze/thaw cycle down here in Anchorage!

Bernie said...

You guys look great--love Dimond's outfit and the shot of Gus with snow in his face. Hope the weather gets better soon...

Bentley said...

Oh my, there's a lot of activity there! And my humans think they have it bad with just Beau and I!

Gus, I agree with Marmalade - the picture of your leap is the best!

Edie and Gus said...

Poor Molly kept getting yanked around by Dimond and Gus. For some reason the new yellow leash was like a fishing lure- they wouldn't stop grabbing it and pulling! Now if only the salmon were so easy to catch...

Ina in Alaska said...

I sent you an e-mail about your upcoming visit to Anchorage! Let's get together!!

Ms. ~K said...
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Ms. ~K said...

You guys are having too much fun!!!

I had a wonderful time at the Iditarod start and restart...met some great folks and dogs! Next year I'd like to volunteer w/ the "dog drop"...

Hugs to the snow puppers!