Wednesday, January 28, 2009

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Inspired by Nigel, Sola & Co.
and by Wimsey, Bentley and Marmalade Bloodhounds, 
supreme eviscerators of evil stuffed objects.


Bentley said...

Oh no, something has been de-fluffed! Gus, you did hide some of that fluff in those big jowls, didn't you?


Ms. ~K said...

Yo Gus, It's not cotton candy, Dude!
Better be careful or you'll get a good dose of canola oil!
Wroooo wrooo,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Bernie said...

Oh no--looks like someone got into trouble...

deedee said...

hi... The photo on the top of my blog is just North of Tombstone, Arizona. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Dee Dee

Life is good in Koda's World said...

Don't you love how our humans like to torture us?? But I guess it's better than leaving us behind. Wow Alaska! That sounds like fun. Maybe my parents will take me there one day. Nice to meet you!


Life With Dogs said...

Now that's a fun wordless Wednesday. And almost wordless. It's not easy!

Tee said...

*chuckles* You look almost horrified!

Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog WOods