Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still Frozen in Fairbanks, Alaska

Humans are idiots.  Really.  Last week it was 43 degrees below zero.  Again.  No wind chill.  And what are humans doing??  Going for a run.  Like that's a good idea.  Humans have the power of reasoning?  Really??  

Here is how one of our friends looked upon returning from his run at  -43 degrees:

Now THAT'S one smart guy!

I much prefer the warmth of the indoors.  Indoor exercise, indoor feedings, indoor destruction of property, indoor naps in front of the fire.  In fact, I much prefer melting in front of the fire...

Now really, which would YOU prefer?

Gus, Alaskan (puddle lips) Bloodhound


Ms. ~K said...

Oucheee, it hurts to just look a that guy!!!
Stay warm and cozy Puddlelips!
Wrooo wrooo,
Zack, Sassy and Bud

Wimsey said...

Hmmmm, while I do like the cold and snow, perhaps at -43 even I would prefer to melt in front of the fire.


Bernie said...

Great photo Gus--those lips are really something! Stay warm! Any moose sightings lately?

Kris10 said...

Is it still cold over there? We got some warmin up this week. You were prized with “Honest Weblog Award"

Abbey & Bosley

Bentley said...

You are right Gus, humans are so strange sometimes! I hope you are getting some warmer weather now. We had a thaw here and a lot of the snow melted.

Life With Dogs said...

Number two please. No question.

Bernie said...

Are you guys still frozen? We're frozen in DC--AGAIN!

Edie and Gus said...

We are still frozen, Marmalade! It is still below zero most nights. I am sorry the cold is back in DC, I know you don't like it!

Edie has been very lazy and needs to make another blog entry, huh?!!

The Gusinator