Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moose Tracking 101

Often when out for a walk, Gus the bloodhound happens upon fresh moose tracks. This is a splendid opportunity for him to display his tracking skills. Gus was tracking this moose at temperatures hovering around 10 degrees above zero. If I had let go of the leash, I have no doubt that he would have found that moose!

Old Molly hound was also tracking that moose, baying her progress to us. And where was Dimond Willow?? Well, she tracked herself right up to a big pile of moose poop, and was busily dining upon it. She had no interest in going any further.


Bernie said...

WOW--what a nose you have, Gus! The human always complains that she's late for work because I sniff so much on the way to the station. Well, duh! I'm a hound! So Diamond went to town on the poop--just like my sis would have done. I like rabbit droppings myself.

D.K. Wall said...

Excellent nose work. We are impressed.

Bentley said...

Oh my, Gus, what would you have done if you had found that moose?