Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Wow. It's been a long time. As usual, I've been up to my eyeballs in stuff to do. Teaching 2nd graders all day, teaching a reading class in the After School Program, assistant coaching the Lathrop Ballroom Dance Team AND hauling my 9th grade daughter to basketball practices and games, not to mention taking care of the hounds. Whew. But it is all fun, and I'm having a blast! So here is a little photo montage to start bringing you up to date...

Starting with my goofy children getting ready for the Halloween Carnival.

And a little hound snuggling.

Can't forget a cold, dark Alaskan afternoon photo.

And Molly helping us get ready for Black Friday Power Shopping!

"Who ARE you and what are you doing on MY couch?" the customary line from Gus...
I can't finish up without a little SoundHoundz entertainment, so here it is! Dimond snuffles her new dog bed and grumbles at Gus for getting into her business.

Next installment: Thanksgiving, Christmas, delightful Alaskan weather, crazy hound-dogs and more goofy children!


Bentley said...

Yay, love seeing videos! Gus, you look like you have the right idea, that's not a bed, it's a chew toy!


Edie and Gus said...

You and I have the same view on dog beds. That's why our crates are not full of warm, fuzzy cushions!

Ina in Alaska said...

Hello !!!! Next time you come to Anchorage let's get together! The dogs and your girls look great! I could not get the video to play tho. :(

Life With Dogs said...

It's good to see you back, it's been far too long!